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Recording the University staff publications


The Database of the University Staff Publications contains bibliographic records of documents published by the University academic staff, postgraduates and retired employees. This database is built by the Reference Services Department following the Regulation No. 16/2016 and Regulation No. 4/2017 issued by the Rector of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, concerning the rules of collecting and recording the University staff publications.

All records are built by the Library staff following the current standard of bibliographic description.

The authors are not permitted to record their publications in the database..

The descriptions are built for the publications:

  1. held by the Main Library
  2. handed in by the authors

Note: The Library does not hold a comprehensive collection of all University staff publications neither does it have a list of such publications. All authors are requested to check the Database and report the missing titles.


Requirements for the publications handed in by the authors:

  1. The original work or its copy should be delivered to the Reference Services Department (room 102). If the work is available in electronic version, it should be mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Irrespectively of its form the publication must be accompanied by all data required to build its bibliographic description as listed in the attachment to the Regulation No. 16 – otherwise it will not be recorded in the Database.
  3. The Database does not contain bibliographic records of:

- unpublished documents,

- papers and books in print,

- photocopies, typed copies and internal handouts,

- unpublished conference proceedings,

- reviews,

- posters,

- abstracts and summaries,

- newspaper articles,

- anonymous publications,

- marketing publications and advertisements,

- responses to the letters,

- publications missing required metadata.


  1. The authors are requested to collect their publications back after they are recorded in the Database.

Otherwise, after one year they will be included in the Library collections or recycled.


The Reference Services Department staff use the information from the authors and their own findings to enhance the descriptions in the Database with hyperlinks to full texts of the publications and – since mid-2016 – keywords and abstracts (if present in the publications).


The Database is available from the Library website for free (no logging-in required).

Send your questions to:

The Reference Services Department of the Main Library of Warsaw University of Life Sciences
tel. (+48) 22 59 35 710 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.