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Interlibrary loans


1. The interlibrary loans from Polish libraries are done by the Reading Room of the Main Library for all faculties that do not have their own faculty libraries. If the faculty has its own library, this library is responsible for doing interlibrary loans for the faculty community.

2. Foreign interlibrary loans are done by the Main Library only.

  1. Borrowing
    1. Both the Main Library and the faculty libraries borrow from other libraries only those publications that are missing from their own collections.
    2. No fee is charged for the interlibrary loans. Such publications can be used on-site only – the return date is specified by the lending library.
    3. Photocopies and scans can be requested for free from the universities and institutions in the field of agriculture and life sciences only.
    4. The interlibrary loan is done after the user fills an “ILL REQUEST”(„ZAMÓWIENIE”) form.
    5. Neither the Main Library nor the faculty libraries give access to request forms used for personal interlibrary loans.


  2. Lending
    1. The Main Library and the faculty libraries lend their collections to other libraries following the interlibrary loan rules.
    2. The return dates for the publications lent from the Main Library and the faculty libraries are specified when the library responds to the request.
    3. The Main Library and the faculty libraries provide for free photocopies and scans of journal papers to the libraries and institutions in the field of agriculture and life sciences. All other institutions and individual users may order paid copies.