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About the Library

The Library of Warsaw University of Life Sciences was established in 1911. At first its collections were stored in several locations and only after moving them to the building in Rakowiecka Street in 1933 the Library staff were able to begin their systematic integration and development as well as hire more qualified employees; in August 1939 the Library collections consisted of 42,000 items.

Despite the Nazi looting the Library survived the World War II in the condition enabling its opening when the regular University activities were restored.

However, the constantly growing collections and deteriorating facilities eventually impaired the regular Library services and in 1996 the University authorities decided to begin the construction of a new Library building. The project divided into three stages was finished on July 7, 2007 with the opening ceremony when the Library was named after Władysław Grabski.

The new Library building offers appropriate conditions for the University library and information network consisting of the Main Library and the faculty libraries gathering collections in the fields and specializations offered at the University.

The Library users are offered approximately 550,000 volumes of books, journals and special collections in the paper form and around 300,000 electronic items retrievable with a set of advanced search tools; thus they have continuous access to the world academic research results..

All types of collections can be accessed in six reading rooms provided with wifi access and the materials available for loan may be borrowed from two loan desks.

The library catalog is fully automated and gives complex information on the Library collections.

The Main Library participates in the scholarly communication through the process of documenting the University staff achievements and offering access to a variety of online full-text, abstract, community and bibliographic information databases available on-site as well as from the non-University network workstations (the latter available for logged-in users).

It also offers library instruction courses addressed to the University students and academic staff.

Moreover, it participates in the social communication processes using Facebook and bookcrossing ideas.

More information on the activities of the Main Library and the University library and information network is available on the Library website.

The quality of its collections and the scope and level of its functions put the Library among the best research libraries serving Polish universities of life sciences.




Professor TADEUSZ WOJNO 1919 – 1924.

Professor ZDZISŁAW LUDKIEWICZ 1924 – 1939.

Professor WACŁAW DĄBROWSKI 1939 – 1945.

Professor ANTONI ŻABKO - POTOPOWICZ  1945 – 1949, 1958 – 1966.


 Professor TADEUSZ MARSZAŁEK 1966 – 1977.

 MARIAN TEMPCZYK, PhD 1977 – 1982.